In essence, dog daycare is just a whole bunch of dog playdates combined into one day. Indeed, private dog playdates often go hand-in-hand with dog daycare, albeit the services share a number of significant differences. 


First, they are private, rather premium service. This is significant as often there are dogs who ONLY play well with and/or get along with one other dog (whether that dog be a sibling like the brother and sister featured in the video above or simply their sole close canine companion they happened to have met either here or elsewhere). So, should you wish to still have your pup(s) at least socialize/interact with another dog where they can play and release a ton of pent-up energy, the privacy feature of the service alone may be what suits your needs.

With that in mind, you as a pet parent can either: a. pick the dog you most want to join your own pet canine on his playdate adventure, or, b. have me choose the dog you trust I find to be their most compatible play partner.

Also, as daycare can last up to 12 hours some days, private dog playdates are scheduled and thus priced on an either 30 minute, or 1-hour basis. 

All that being said, considering the circumstances of playdate privacy, the fact that dogs can join a playdate should they be chosen as the other dog's play partner even if they are not booked that day, as well as the short but dedicated play timeframe, private dog playdates must be scheduled in at least TWO days advance. That way we have enough time to plan accordingly and deliver for your pup(s) the best 30 minute-1 hour playventure!

Though not as long of a stay, I still cater to whichever needs are essential for each dog while under my care during this time. If you have any questions/concerns about this service before booking, please don't hesitate to reach out.


If from same family (or otherwise are booking siblings, etc. from one household):

30 Minutes: $16/per dog + $2/per additional dog

1 Hour: $23/per dog + $3/per additional dog

Pet Taxi



If NOT from same family (or otherwise are booking both your dog & another pet parent's):

30 Minutes: $16/per dog + $3/per additional dog

1 Hour: $23/per dog + $4/per additional dog

Pet Taxi:



Playdate Adventures:

Series streaming Vimeo!

Want a fur-sonalized video of your pup(s) participating in playdates? Check out our web series now streaming Vimeo to see if you're interested!

***All private dog playdates are to be paid in full at least 3 days before scheduled service. Absolutely no cancellation refunds.***
That being said, I understand that we are human. Emergencies happen, plans change. If, for whatever reason, you must change/cancel a booking, please notify me as soon as possible by phone, text, or email. You will find I am very willing to allow flexibility. All I ask is that you are respectful of my time and I promise I aim to always be reasonable and nothing short of respectful of yours.
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